2019 New Holland Agriculture DuraTank™ Side-Delivery Spreader 3400S

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New Holland Agriculture
DuraTank™ Side-Delivery Spreader 3400S



  • Spread Right with New Holland: Depend on DuraTank™ side-delivery spreaders to easily handle a wide variety of material. The right-side discharge makes the DuraTank spreader is ergonomically more convenient and comfortable to operate.
  • Uniform Spread, Less Maintenance: The overshot expeller on the New Holland DuraTank spreader is designed to break up material and spread in a uniform pattern. The expeller is less complicated to maintain since no shroud adjustments are necessary to maintain a uniform spread pattern.
  • Handle The Widest Variety of Material: DuraTank side-discharge spreaders handle all sorts of material and can even be used to replace bedding. • Pen/bedded pack manure • Gutter slurry manure • Sand-laden manure • Poultry litter • Bedding material • Soil amendments • Mulch & compost • Vegetable waste • Bio-Solids
  • Three DuraTank™ Models: Three models offer something for every size job. • The 2009-gallon 2000S and 2596-gallon 2600S are sized for small and medium beef and dairy operations. The lower-profile design is ideal for side loading with a skid steer and is easily positioned below low barn cleaners. • The 3377-gallon 3400S features an additional support and lower tank support gussets for added strength to haul the heaviest loads.
  • Optional Digi-Star® Nutrient Tracker™: The Digi-Star option organizes and records your applications with ease, making it easy to keep in compliance with EPA and DNR-CAFO regulations and assisting with managing fertilizer costs. A scale weighs each load and records the values. Additional levels of the option add a GPS feature to provide graphs and mapping.
Design Features
  • Right-Side Discharge: Other side-discharge spreaders spread to the left and require you to look away from the tractor controls to monitor the performance of the spreader. The right-side discharge of DuraTank™ spreaders are designed to work with your body and tractor controls, allowing you to operate more comfortably. You
  • Overshot Expeller: The overshot expeller breaks up material and spreads in a uniform pattern. The expeller is less complicated to maintain since no shroud adjustments are necessary to maintain a uniform spread pattern.
  • Expeller Paddle Design: The expeller paddles are quicker to replace and less expensive compared to the hammers used on other brands. The quick-release poly-lined expeller trough reduces power consumption and paddle wear, especially in sticky or freezing conditions. With the pull of a handle, the expeller trough swings open to allow built-up material to fall.
  • Segmented Auger: Unlike other continuous flighted spreader augers, the DuraTank auger is segmented which provides continuous material movement yet doesn't overload the expeller in either dry or partially frozen conditions.
  • Poly Liner: The bolted and clamped poly liner reduces bridging, prevents materials from sticking in freezing conditions, and allows sticky materials to flow more easily to the auger for more even discharge. is bolted and clamped.
  • Tandem Axle For Easier Turning: The axle weight load is split 40/60 front to rear on the DuraTank spreader. This offset makes for smoother, easier turning on hard surfaces and provides greater floatation in soft field conditions.
  • Convenient Door and Auger Position Indicators: Indicators are easy to see, even in low light conditions so you can monitor and control your spread rate with greater accuracy.
Durability Features
  • Gusseted Tank Supports: Gusseted tank supports distribute the weight of heavy loads and resist cracking. The largest model 3400S has a third tank support as well as lower tank support gussets for added strength.
  • Hardened Main Auger Flighting: The main auger flighiing is also hardened to extend its service life and provides the needed strength when spreading dense, frozen or sand laden materials.
  • Hydraulic Cylinders: The master/slave main hydraulic cylinders synchronize the lifting and lowering to reduce stress on bearing and drives. The hydraulic cylinders are mounted from above using reinforced brackets for maximum durability.
  • Heavy-Duty Tandem Axle Option (3400s): The 3400S is available with heavy-duty tandem axles with 4.5-inch spindles—perfect when spreading, heavy, sand-laden manure.
  • Capacity, gal: 3,377
  • Capacity, cu/ft. (m³): 452 (12.8)
  • Weight, lbs. (kg): 10,940 (4962)
  • Stress Proof Spindle Size, in. (mm): 3.375 (85.7) std - 4.5" (114) opt
  • Wheel Hub: 10 bolt
  • Hub Capacity, lbs. (kg): Std. 12,000 (5443) - Opt. 15,000 (6804)
  • Side Loading height, in. (mm): 93 to 94 (2362 to 2388)
  • Height at rear, in. (mm): 101 to 102 (2565 to 2591)
  • Tank Width-Top, in. (mm): 97 (2464)
  • Overall Width, in. (mm): 108 to 126 (2743 to 3200)
  • Overall Length, ft. in. (mm): 23' 7" (7188)
  • Auger Diameter, in. (mm): 30 (762)
  • PTO Speed: 1000 RPM
  • Tractor requirement, PTO hp (kW): 150 (112)
  • Hydraulic remote circuits required: 2



10,940 lb. (4962 kg)
Hopper Capacity
452 cu.ft. (12.8 m³)


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